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Borges The Immortal:"Homer composed the Odyssey; given infinite time, with infinite circumstances and changes, it is impossible that the Odyssey should not be composed at least once. No one is someone; a single immortal man is all men. Like Cornelius Agrippa, I am god, hero, philosopher, Air Max 1 Premium Safari

I taken my time, over the past week, savouring these, and I must now come back to say thank you very much!

Here my list of favorites: Ted Chiang Understand http: Ted Chiang Exhalation http: Ted Chiang Hell Is the Absence of God http: Sam Hughes Ed stories http: Isaac Asimov The Last Answer http: Aaron Diaz Hob series http: Greg Egan Closer http: Marc Stiegler The Gentle Seduction

Greg Egan Wang Carpets http: (not exactly in the same vein, but would very much recommend nonetheless) if you like this, then two of his novels: https: ("Wang Carpets" later became a chapter in this book) and

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good short story similar to this is Asimov

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thank truly amazing

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demon, and world."Honestly, just about all of Borges fictions are really neat for the technically minded. Highly recommended!

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wow ngpio, this list Air Max 1 Kumquat Black

This is an amazing collection. Thanks!

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Thank you. I just can understand or relate at all to the "slave morality", as Nietzsche might put it, of that story, or wrap my head around why people choose to worship a creature roughly equivalent to the one imprisoned at the center of the galaxy in Star Trek V.

Robert Heinlein Air Max 1 Denim Washed All you Zombies

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A good list, thank you!

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Asimov Spell My Name With An S http: Clarke The Nine Billion names of God

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Tim Maly Time, Again http: Ray Bradbury The Veldt

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is great. you probably come across this one before as well but it definitely a good one: "I don know, Timmy, being God is a big responsibility"Recursive simulation layers! it good stuff. :)Perhaps also check out his "Fine Structure" http: (different kind of thing, but it good scifi.) and perhaps the ongoing series work in progress "Ra"

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