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So it was on to his brothers and sisters. A process of elimination whittled it down to three. Kieran, 19, a student at Liverpool University, Laura, 17, a sixth former at Loreto Grammar school, Altrincham and Nikuare, 16, who has just started in Year 12 at St Bede's College, Whalley Range.

Air Max 1 Paris

They said, "we're good but not that good".

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Air Max 1 Paris

We scared off some gullible contenders by telling them it was actually Celebrity Mastermind and they would be required to swot up on Isaac Asimov's three laws of robotics.

And we were on. Vernon is well practised and like all good presenters, makes everyone feel at home. I think we got into our stride reasonably well although as you know, coming up with answers to match the survey is simple if you are sitting at home. It is much harder when you are on TV and hoping not to make a fool of yourself. I think I may have failed in that respect.

The make up artists sorted Kieran out in a couple of minutes whilst Nikuare and Laura settled in for a proper pampering. When my turn came they took one look and sent for reinforcements. Air Max 1 Moire Grey

So it was down to ITV on the banks of the Thames and as soon as we arrived, the girls spotted Ant (or was it Dec?) heading for the lifts followed by chatty Alan Carr and a couple of Loose Women. Four minutes in, four stars spotted.

As the clock ticked towards seven o'clock the three hundred people in the audience had taken their seats and whilst enjoying the Nike Air Max 1 Ultra Moire With Flash

The two girls were tempted by the potential glamour of the adventure but were wavering on the basis of all the crucial fashion based decisions that would be required.

In the green room we met the other contestants. Cheryl Baker from Bucks Fizz, Radio One DJ Trevor Nelson and McFly's Harry Judd were all ready for the big challenge. We, the Bissons, were to take on the Judds and our episode would be recorded first.

The recording took just under two hours with small breaks to check make up and get a sip of water. The time flew by and before we knew it, one family was triumphant and the other gracious losers. You will have to tune in tomorrow to find out which was which.

As we were on screen 'talent' for the day, we were fussed over from the moment we got there. We had our own dressing rooms, the wardrobe assistants ironed our clothes, and a runner turned up to take us to the make up room.

However, we are part of a a large extended family so choosing the team members was tricky for Chris.

Kieran's initial concerns were mostly about street cred and the huge amount of ribbing he would get from his fellow students. He was mortified to learn Air Max 1 Paris that his mates had organised their own Facebook survey which said, "go on, do it. It'll be a laugh. You could end up a legend on Smithdown Road".

Air Max 1 Paris

Always at the back of our minds was the fact that we were there to win some money big money if possible for one of our favourite charities, Francis House Hospice in Didsbury. We knew we would not leave empty handed but we wanted to bag as much cash as possible and Vernon's advice to think out of the box is easier said than done when you're conferring in a huddle trying to steal some points.

At six thirty on Saturday evening, even though we have already lived through it, we will gather round the television with a beer and a vol au vent. And somewhere in the background we may be able to hear Gladys Knight and her Pips.

I won't spoil the surprise of the introductory film but when you watch it, imagine the off camera sound track of "you must be joking!" "I'm not wearing that" "you want me to say what?" Richard the researcher was run ragged but we got through it.

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With the floor manager standing in for Vernon Kay, we rehearsed with dummy questions so we could get a feel for the tactics we might use during the show. It all seemed fairly straightforward although the Judds did very well in the rehearsal and we knew we would be be up against it on the night.

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Chris and I are used to TV studios and all the paraphernalia which comes with them but Kieran, Laura and Nikuare were naturals. All three handled themselves exceptionally well all day and made us very proud. I am sure they will look great on screen.

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Sibling rivalry, dad versus step dad, and an avalanche of uncles were only the beginning. Partners, friends and virtual strangers elbowed their way into consideration and a summit was required.

He said, "It was a great chance to try and raise some money for a good cause and it had the added benefit of getting the family together for a fun TV show."

Air Max 1 Paris

appearing on Family Fortunes was great fun

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Despite having spent many years as television presenter, it was a very strange feeling to be once again in front of the cameras of ITV's Studio 7.

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forget, darlings, when Vernon says your name, the sliding doors will open and I want you all to wave like mad. And show us those teeth, dear, big smiles."

warm up man's patter, they were desperate to meet Vernon Kay. Everyone loves Vernon.

So far so good. But just as the team sheet was finalised, Kieran pointed out that all families have to make a short film to set the scene. We watched some previous episodes and cringed. Those little VTs, as they're called, are the cheesiest of cheesy, with people expected to dress up, say daft things and generally make fools of themselves.

"Don't Nike Air Max 97 Sunset

Name something which has pips. You said. an orange. Our survey said. Gladys Knight. It is much harder than you think to get into the minds of the 100 people surveyed by the Family Fortunes researchers.

I was there as a member of actor Chris Bisson's family ensemble. Chris is my step son and well known for his roles in East Is East, Coronation Street and currently Emmerdale. He plays Jai Sharma in the Yorkshire based soap and was asked to take part in the new series of All Star Family Fortunes for charity.

Then, in a stage whisper, he added, "And whatever you do, don't trip up on your way down the steps or we'll have to start all over again".

In the end, it was Chris's unashamed offer of new outfits which persuaded all three. I bagged the remaining place and Chris's partner Rowena was named as first reserve.

Chris's first choice was his mum, Sheila. He was not altogether surprised by her answer. "She ruled herself out very early on," he said. "Although she was very keen to be involved, she was determined to stay in the background."

Meanwhile behind the scenes, we were smiling politely at the Judds as we all gathered, huddled together behind the star cloth, waiting for our big entrance. I admit to being a bit jittery as we heard the reassuring words from the assistant floor manager:

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