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City responds in stronger terms

Jeff Neil, Nike Air Max Zero Youtube

"All along I thought this was just about amplification, and they are correct, I did play downtown on the Fourth with an expired permit. The following Monday, I went in to renew my permit. I wish they had shared this with me then. I just want to be honest with you all and let you know I was partly at fault."

Neil posted on his Facebook page Friday, "It's come to my attention that as well as receiving noise complaints, a main reason they aren't renewing my amplification is because I performed on the street with an expired permit on July 4. I wish the city had informed me about the noise complaints because it could have been fixed.

"City staff recognizes Mr. Neil's talents, and has hired him to perform at events; however, the concern is the fact that he does not use discretion in setting the volume level when he's performing. Mr. Neil was informed the City would be happy to consider his application to perform with his regular violin, just not with amplified sound.

In response to emails written by Neil's supporters, the city said, "Tuesday afternoon, City staff denied the request from Jeffrey Neil for approval to utilize amplified sound when he performs. By Mr. Neil's own admission, he has a violin that he can play without amplified sound, however, he chooses to play the electric violin and looped music as an accompaniment.

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He said, "I am truly grateful for the opportunities the city of Greenville has offered me and only wish to attract positive attention for the city. Although I disagree with their denial, all in all, I think Greenville is a great city."

Days after a well known street musician was denied a permit to continue to perform in downtown Greenville, the city is restating its position in a stronger fashion as hundreds of supporters from the Upstate and across the country rally to support the electric violinist.

as street musician's social media support grows

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Mr. Neil uses) or amplified background music to accompany them. In fact, of the 46 street Air Max 1 Royal Blue performance permits currently in effect, only six performers have approval to use amplified sound (two flute players, one recorder player, one dancer and two keyboard players). Conversely, the City has denied 10 15 applications from musicians who have requested permission to perform with amplified sound.

On Friday, Neil said he has expressed his gratitude to the city for being allowed to perform on the streets for the past two seasons and at city functions.

There is an online petition in support of Neil initiated by the Electric Violin Shop on Wednesday. In a few days' time, hundreds of people have signed the petition.

a groundswell of support from his local fans and proponents of street performers from all across the country.

Support for Neil grows

Neil said he only ever received one complaint about his volume, and he immediately adjusted it. He also said he has been careful about when and where he plays and the volume of his music because he doesn't want to lose the ability to perform downtown. He said there was no prior indication of issues with his volume level, and he would be happy to perform with whatever volume guidelines please the city.

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Neil clarified that he was aware that he needed to get a new permit, but the city offices were closed over the weekend and on the holiday, so he went in to renew as soon as they were reopened.

In case you haven't seen Neil perform and would like to, he said he will be playing a few songs with the band Hot As A Pepper for Fridays On Main in front of the Hyatt tonight.

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"Mr. Neil was issued a street performance permit in 2013, which expired on March 15 of this year. Since then, it has come to staff's attention that Mr. Neil has continued to perform downtown, knowing that he wasn't allowed to do so. Last Friday, Mr. Neil was playing in the plaza area beside Bellacino's when downtown officers informed Mr. Neil that he was performing without a permit and would need to obtain a current permit. It has been reported to the City by Mr. Neil's fans that he continued to perform in downtown throughout the weekend without a permit.

of Synergy Violins, creates his own multiple instrument sound by recording the rhythm in a loop, and playing melody over it. His range covers everything from classic '80s rock to Pachelbel's Canon. Neil's performance requires amplification because he creates multiple instrument sound by recording his own background rhythm in a loop, and playing melody over it. Without amplification, the unique harmony and layers of music in his performances would not be possible.

On Friday, after reading the above response from the city, Neil spoke with WYFF News 4 and said that the explanation given in the email did not mirror what he was told on Tuesday. He said city officials told him the renewal was being denied to "eliminate the gray area when it comes to amplification," and they did not cite anything to do with playing over the holiday weekend or noise complaints.

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As the debate about Neil's street performances continues, there has been Nike Air Max 97 Sunset Amazon

"The City's challenge is balancing outdoor diners and the comfort level of pedestrians enjoying our downtown, versus citizens using amplified sound to compete for the public's attention. We will continue to monitor this balance and make decisions based what is best for the greater good of all who choose to enjoy our downtown."

"By ordinance, whether to allow street performers to use amplified sound is at the City's discretion, and due to increasing complaints about noise from downtown businesses, residents and visitors, City staff routinely denies requests from musicians for permission to use amplified sound, including a loop station (a device that allows you to record music to accompany yourself, which is what Nike Air Max Zero Eastbay

Street musician admits permit error

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