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with information to call police with tips.

Kavanagh said they were able to retrieve video surveillance which shows a second vehicle followed the three men in the truck as it left the residence.

Millard, the 27 year old CEO of Millard Air, has already been charged with forcible confinement and theft over $5,000 in connection with the disappearance of Bosma.

Police also searched the Kleinburg home of Millard's mother on Sunday, seizing Bosma's truck.

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"Our heartfelt condolences go to (Bosma's wife) Sharlene and the entire Bosma family as they mourn their loss," Hamilton Police Chief Glenn De Caire told reporters Tuesday morning. "We will continue to follow every single lead and we will work to affect the arrest of those responsible for the death of Tim Bosma."

"He is a very balanced young man, very humble, I had no idea who he was before this case," Paradkar said. "We are concerned Nike Air Max 97 Og For Sale

Kavanagh said about 120 police officers are working diligently on the case, executing a number of search warrants in their quest for clues on the identity of the suspects and a possible motive in the case.

The suspect was described as being white with a medium build. He is around five foot nine with dark hair. He was wearing a red hooded sweatshirt that was pulled over his head.

At this point, although investigators believe Bosma was targeted by the men, they are still unclear of the suspects' reason for the attack.

"It's just a truck. You don't need him but I do and our daughter needs her daddy back so please, please let him come home," she said Thursday.

Kavanagh dismissed speculation that the suspect's mother was involved in the crime.

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Speaking with reporters Monday, Millard's lawyer Deepak Paradkar said his client is "100 per cent not guilty."

Suspect has ties to aviation industry

Peter Lowe, a high school friend of Bosma who created an official page on Facebook to help spread public awareness on his friend's disappearance posted a message of grief on the social media site.

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what the evidence is against him, we don't know."

house is indescribable," he wrote Tuesday morning. "There will be no further updates on this page. My prayers are with this wonderful family."

At least two other suspects sought in Bosma murder investigation

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Forensic investigators have also been seen searching for evidence at a Waterloo air hangar owned by Millard's family. "We cannot discuss all the evidence given the ongoing criminal process."

Bosma's wife sobbed as she read out a statement to Air Max 97 Orange reporters late last week when she begged those responsible to let her husband go.

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Police have only released the description of one of the suspects still wanted in the case. This man was decribed by both Bosma's wife and an Etobicoke man who was also reportedly approached by the suspects when he listed his Dodge Ram 3500 for sale. Kavanagh said last week that he believes the Etobicoke man wasn't attacked because his large size would have made it difficult for the suspects to overpower him.

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"The agony in this Air Max 1 Grey Gum

Both police and Millard's lawyer confirm the suspect did not have a criminal record prior to these charges.

"An investigation has now revealed Tim Bosma has been murdered. His body was burned beyond recognition," Det. Sgt. Matt Kavanagh said during the afternoon news conference.

Kavanagh wouldn't say how police were able to confirm the identity of the remains, saying "that's part of the evidence." He said from the evidence police had gathered, he believes Bosma died the night he left his home.

Bosma had no criminal record and there is nothing to indicate he was anything other than a loving family man who attended church regularly.

Police are still trying to confirm the type of vehicle it was and how many suspects may have been in that second car.

Bosma's friends and family have spent the week gathered inside and outside the home, handing out flyers to the community pleading anyone Nike Air Max 1 The 6

"She has no involvement or knowledge of this case," he said.

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