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Athlon XP power consumption

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I'm still running a 1900+ in my box at home as well. My CPU was idling a little rough. I adjusted backed off the mix screw a Nike Air Max 1 Ultra Moire Culture Kings

my HD 3850.

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Philldoe wrote:just brew Air Max 97 Tuned

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You can undervolt old CPUs, to reduce power usage dramatically, but you have to reduce clock rate as well most of the time.

Just for reference. I've been playing with a new Dell Inspiron Mini that my brother just bought. Sadly, that tiny little laptop is faster than my desktop."Had this been an actual emergency, we would have fled in terror, and you would not have been notified."

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little bit so that it wasn't running so rich and it smoothed right out.

Video cards today, assuming we aren't talking high end gaming cards like HD 4850 or 8800GTX, are pretty frugal. My X850XT actually draws about 20W more at idle than Nike Air Max 1 Prm Womens

it! wrote:IIRC Palomino core XPs were some of the hottest running K7s. I still have one running as well (web box), and have been meaning to replace it.

Modern CPUs such as Athlon 64 X2 and Core 2 Duo drop power usage on idle very dramatically, down to 10 W or less. However, some mobos these days are power hogs on their own so you have to consider that.

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I'm still running an Athlon XP 1600+ in my main box at home. With all of the low power consumption parts on the market today (Athlon BE, AMD 780G, GP series HDs, Radeon 3550, etc.) my curiosity has been aroused and, I want to compare the power consumption of my current box versus something like a 45 watt Athlon BE on a 780G board. However, I haven't had any luck finding reliable power consumption information for the Athlon XP with a Palomino core. It appears that TR didn't include that info at the time, as I'm sure it was nearly as important in people's minds at the time. If anyone could put me on some reliable data, that would be sweet.

IIRC (it's been a couple of years since I messed around with the innards of that box), the mobo had some weird stability issues with Throughbred core CPUs. So even though I've got a couple of spare Thoroughbreds sitting around, I haven't been able to swap out the Paly.

Because those old CPUs don't idle nearly as well as a modern CPU, it is almost certainly going to be drawing more power. PowerNow (Cool'n'quiet) and Speedstep were only in notebooks back then, meaning these older CPUs don't drop their power usage nearly as dramatically as recent hardware. They idle at full voltage and clock rate, and also lack deeper sleep states such as C3 most of the time.

swaaye wrote:Because those old CPUs don't idle nearly as well as a modern CPU, it is almost certainly going to be drawing more power.

I ressurected an old Athlon 2000+ (or something like that) it was 2Ghz single core, bus speed OC'd slightly (from 100Mhz to 133Mhz) yielded about 7% performance increase. this box has a cheap video card (can play kids games fine and play dvd's) and an 80GB HDD (modern HDD), I slapped a 1GB ram stick in it and fixed all the fans, put an old Antec 380W PSU in it. THIS MACHINE DRAWS 11 WATTS, no I didn't miss speak, 11 WATTS. Think how inefficient the PSU is at this rating. the PSU's max efficiency is around 70% (old unit). 11 watts idle Air Max Zero Box that is, pretty impressive I'd say.

Yeah, those Pally's ran hot. I got lucky back in the day and ran across a throughbred 2000+ to replace my Pally in the main box at the time, ran quieter and overclocked DAMN well.

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In all seriousness. I think the OP and I are both due for an upgrade.

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