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Air Max Zero Qs Binary Blue

CAMPAIGN SEASON officially kicks off next week in Marietta when qualifying opens Monday for Air Max Zero Qs Binary Blue the Nov. 5 city elections. But the most controversial choice on the ballot won't be qualifying because it's already locked in as a centerpiece item.

Ward 7: It would be the "story of the year" or perhaps even the "story of the decade" if incumbent Philip Goldstein were to decide not to run again. But there's no chance of that, he told Around Town. (but closed 12 1 for lunch) Monday through Wednesday at the City Hall office of City Clerk Stephanie Guy. Cost to qualify is $540 for mayor, $390 for council and $207 for school board. The mayor earns $18,000 per year and council members $13,000. At this point there is one announced candidate for each of the two seats that will lack Air Max 1 Escape Qs

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Air Max Zero Qs Binary Blue


Ward 3: Three term incumbent Johnny Sinclair unexpectedly dropped out of the race two weeks ago. Real estate agent/photographer Johnny Walker has mounted a strong effort to take the seat, and downtown property baron James Eubanks is a last minute addition to the race.

"She's been hitting the pavement. He hasn't, as far as I know," said one council intimate.

That, of course, will be the referendum asking city voters to approve a $68 million bond to underwrite a redevelopment campaign in the Franklin Road corridor. The bond is the centerpiece of Mayor Steve Tumlin's reelection effort and has the support of many, but not all, of those running this fall. Leading the opposition is Tumlin's only known challenger at this point, printing press operator Charles Levinson.

Ward 5: No one as yet has surfaced to run against incumbent Anthony Coleman, which is somewhat of a surprise in light of the controversies that have tailed him throughout his years on council. Most recently, he chose to skip the meeting this spring at which the council voted on how to divvy up part of the proceeds from the bond. Coleman's ward had been expected to get $1.2 million, perhaps to use for renovating the segregation era Lemon Street School for blacks. But Coleman was a no show, saying afterward he was under the weather. Result? No money for Ward 5.

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However, Coleman is taking his re election seriously, a fellow councilman told Around Town: "Anthony's been working. He's been out knocking on doors."

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The city's races are nonpartisan, meaning candidates don't have to declare a political affiliation.

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He might need to knock on a lot of them unless no one signs up to run against him. And there is speculation King might decide Nike Air Max 1 Ultra Moire Qs 3m Womens Mens Grow In Dark

wants him to continue.

the time has come to call it quits.

Kelly has put signs up all over that northeast side ward, including one in a yard just across from King's house, without much of a response, the politico added.

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Ward 2: Incumbent Grif Chalfant has no known opposition at this point.

Marietta Planning Zoning Commission member Jason Waters is running for the Ward 2 seat being vacated by Tony Fasola. And dentist Dr. Sept. 4 at the 804 Lookingglass Lane home of Lea and David Fisher. Suggested contribution levels are $500 for host and $100 for attendee. Other sponsors include Teresa and Terry DeWitt, Lee and Heath Garrett, Kim Gresh and George Hartzog, Allison and Chris Gruehn, Jailene and Mitch Hunter, Dawn and Alex Koutouzis, Jenni and Justine O'Dell, Jamie and Ryan Patrick, Emilie and Whit Smith, Allison and Rob Schnatmeier, Mary Ansley and James Southerland, Katherine and Brad Turner, Cameron and Travis Watson and Kelly and Randy Weiner. Sept. But he whiffed when it came to finally putting to rest the questions about Hankerson's future employment and whether he Nike Air Max 1 Ultra Moire Medium Grey

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Ward 4: Incumbent Andy Morris is being challenged by city Board of Zoning Appeals member Marshall Dye, owner of Georgia's largest tennis court manufacturing company.

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Around Town Qualifying Time City election season officially kicks off Monday

Lee took a 3:22 minute timeout at Tuesday's Board of Commissioners' zoning hearing to take exception to a recent Around Town column about Hankerson's status. He also complained about how it described Hankerson's involvement in two county related stories from several years ago: the news that an average of $521,000 per year in revenue earmarked for the county's streetlight fund had quietly been diverted to cover other operations; and the brouhaha that arose after the costly purchase and upkeep of a pair of mules ("Jack" and "Jill)" to work the fields at county owned Hyde Farm park. Hankerson was merely doing the commission's bidding in both cases, complained Lee.

But the chairman devoted most of the diatribe to complaining about the Aug. 9 Around Town item that described himself and Commissioner Bob Ott as being in a "backstage standoff" over whether to renew Hankerson's employment contract when it expires at the end of January, with neither wanting to make the first public move. The column went on to describe how the two commissioners (who seem to disagree more often than they agree) in this case are both said to favor Hankerson's ouster, albeit for different reasons.

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