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a theoretical tax savings of $966.

Any Creative idea's to use Large Passive Loss Carry For

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You bumping into what I consider one of the big myths of real estate investment tax advantages. Even though you can, in theory, offset other income with losses from real estate, in practice if you have enough cash and income for significant real estate investments you probably going to hit these limitations.

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So I was thinking instead of reading the same definition over and over again that I would ask the BP team as you may have some strategies, experience or ideas on how I could structure things to be more tax efficient.

So, if you have those crummy deals on your hands, selling them, applying your carryforward losses and buying some better deals might be a good strategy.

OTOH, if you have a mediocre deal where that $100K house only rents for $1000, you end up with a $2926 passive loss and Nike Air Max 97 Vt Midnight Fog Size 7

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if you generating large losses, you might consider selling. I looked at many, many deals, and rarely find a good deal that actually generates much of a loss. Consider a $100K house that rents for $1400 a month. Apply our common simple evaluation and you get $700 a month in NOI and a $600 payment (assuming 100% financing) to give you $100 a month in true cash flow.

Jon Holdman, Flying Phoenix LLC

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You can avoid the limitations if you a "real estate professional". If you spend at lease 750 hours AND more time than on anything else on real estate, you are a real estate professional and can take these losses right away. But if you have a full time job, 2080 hours a year, you need to spend 2081 on real estate to qualify.

for your advice, thoughts and help

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Air Max Zero University Red

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Now, with a more realistic 25% down payment, your payment is $450 a month, leaving you $250 a month in cash flow. NOI is still $700 a month of $8400 a year. Depreciation is $2909 per year and the first year interest is $6017. That leaves you with a passive loss of $526. Even if you able to offset other income, and you in the 33% bracket, that Air Max Zero University Red saves you all of $174.

that you can keep carrying them forward until you sell, then you can offset any gains on the sale with the losses.

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