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Write the editors, "The good news is that whatever you think about the major issues of the day, at some point in the past two decades, Bob Barr agreed with you. The bad news is he may set a record for the most pieces of legislation a congressman voted for and then later renounced."

Around Town Bashing Barr Candidate criticized as weather vane

Concludes the article, "If the candidate wants to be conservative, he should be conservative. If he wants to be libertarian, he should be libertarian. Sunday at "Tranquilla," the home of Greg and Beth Griffin at 435 Kennesaw Ave. Cobb Republican Nike Air Max 97 Womens

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audience consists of socially conservative Republicans or pro gay marriage Libertarians."THE REVIEW correctly notes that Rep. Barr voted for the Patriot Act in 2001 but has spent much of the time since then denouncing it.

"If there is economic opportunity, people should be free to come into this country and participate in the market," the Review quotes him as saying, adding, "This summer he changed his mind again, denouncing the Senate's version of immigration reform Nike Air Max 1 Pink Cooler & Mahogany and labeling it 'a pathway to amnesty for millions of illegal aliens.'"

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Party Breakfast at the local party HQ, 799 Roswell St. 8 dinner at The InterContinental Buckhead in Atlanta. Shipp will be introduced by former Gov. Barnes.

Wrote the Review, "Barr could argue that he's always believed that marriage should be defined as one man and one woman, but states should make that determination, not the federal government. Yet his emphasis conveniently shifts depending upon whether his Nike Air Max 1 X Liberty Qs

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"At the Libertarian convention in 2008, he said of the Patriot Act that he wanted to 'drive a stake through its heart, burn it, shoot it, [and] burn it again,'" the Review writes.

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Barr represented Cobb in Congress from 1994 02 and is one of a crowded field of Republicans seeking to succeed Rep. Senate. Other major candidates for Gingrey's seat include state House Majority Whip Ed Lindsey, state Sen. Barry Loudermilk and businesswoman Tricia Pridemore.

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Nike Air Max 1 Pink Cooler & Mahogany

LOCAL POLITICOS with long memories have been known to smirk that at one point or another, Air Max 1 White Red

Speaking of that website, the magazine notes that it does not mention his time as a Libertarian, his work for the ACLU or for the Marijuana Policy Project.

And after the Supreme Court ruled the Act unconstitutional earlier this year, Barr wrote on his Facebook page that the issue is one that would have been "best left to the states."

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Nike Air Max 1 Pink Cooler & Mahogany

He's been all over the map on abortion, too, according to The Review. He was consistently pro life as a congressman, "avoided the issue entirely and deflected questions on abortion" as the Libertarian nominee, and now has declared on his campaign website that he favors "protecting the sanctity of human life."

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Smyrna based congressional candidate Bob Barr "has been on every side of every issue."

That's also the impression shared by the conservative editors of National Review magazine, who posted a devastating account of Barr's shifting political stances Monday on the influential National Review Online website.

As most local political watchers are aware, Barr left the Republican fold to run as the Libertarian candidate for president in 2008. Attorney for northern Georgia in the late 1980s. The Review recounts how 12 years later Barr told the Libertarian national convention that the DoMA "has been abused, misused and should be repealed, and I will work to repeal that."

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