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"He passed his polygraph with flying colors that he had never had sex with her or anyone else on county property while on duty. But she failed the hell out of hers," the sheriff said.

near future for the MDJ to be able to publish our procedural changes and for us Air Max One Neon

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Clarke had the right to appeal the decision to the Civil Service Board, but chose not to, the sheriff said.

"I need to thank the Marietta Daily Journal," he said. "A week ago Saturday, we had a news article about the way we do business and we've had two news articles in the MDJ the last week and a half and two editorials."

As it turns out, the Cobb Solicitor's Office has now dropped the charges against Donovan for lack of evidence and hope remains that the same thing will happen with Dority and Collins. We were already looking at changes and how we do business here at the senior level. It's not lip service. We want to try and improve and continue to improve the morale of our staff. Hopefully the MDJ articles have helped us move that ball forward and I look forward to in the Air Max 1 Original Colorway

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"I had two sergeants who committed terrible, terrible acts," Warren told Around Town. "And I'm going to do everything I can to put them in the state penitentiary. And I guarantee that if I find any other conduct in this department that is not morally right that interferes with the operation of this department, that they will be terminated."ARE YOU TIRED of seeing veteran educators kicked to the curb by the Cobb School District's Central Office? Tired of the CCSD's rabid enforcement of a state law that requires all school employees (and volunteers) to report any suspected child abuse within 24 hours of hearing about it? A law that carries fines of up to $1,000 and a year in jail regardless of whether the alleged assault even happened?

"So we had an internal affairs hearing and I busted him. Took his stripes away," he said.

Sgt. Orlando Clarke, 38, a 10 year veteran of the Sheriff's Department, was demoted to jailer as of March 4 and has been out on family related sick leave since then, according to Sheriff Neil Warren.

A COBB SHERIFF'S SERGEANT has been demoted and a recruit fired in the latest sex related incident involving those who run the county jail.

Around Town Latest sex scandal has sheriff singing another verse of the jailhouse blues

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And now, and to his credit, Cobb School Board Chairman Randy Scamihorn has joined those ranks.

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"However, because he was a supervisor, and based on several incidents where he spent too much of his time on duty with her, and bought her gifts and showed her too much attention, which was a violation of our policies, we determined that he failed to supervise her in a proper way and used poor judgment."

Bauer was terminated. She was still on probationary status and no right of CSB appeal, he said.

Those stories, Nike Air Max 1 Premium Suede Trainers editorial and Dick Yarbrough column focused on the retirement under a cloud of respected Kell High Principal Trudie Donovan for failing to report a pair of slapping incidents involving a Kell teacher; the firings of Tapp Middle School principal Dr. Jerry Dority and counselor Yatta Collins for failing to report hearsay information; and the attempted suspension without pay of Awtrey Middle School principal Jeff Crawford for failing to report hearing of an alleged off campus sexual assault involving two students.

The test results were then sent to the GBI, which drew the same conclusions as the Sheriff's investigators, he said.

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We're tired of reporting about such miscarriages of justice, and many subscribers have told us they're tired of reading about them.

"I felt she was too immature for the job and used poor judgment," the sheriff said. "I didn't feel she was someone we needed to keep. And if I could have proved anything, I would have terminated him, too."THE CLARKE BAUER EPISODE is the latest sex scandal to rock the Sheriff's Department this year. A Cobb grand jury indicted former Sgt. Alvin Blake Sutherland of Douglasville last month on Cheap Nike Air Max 1 Blue

"The only improper thing we could find they did on duty was spend extra time together at lunch, and hold hands on occasion and maybe kiss on the cheek," he said."THERE WAS NO DOUBT that she and Clarke were having an ongoing relationship on the outside," he said. "But at the end of the investigation, we determined the allegations that they had sex while on duty was not provable.

"I hope he doesn't come back," he told Around Town on Friday. "He's not the type of supervisor I want here. I think he's a predator."CLARKE and Deputy Nadja Bauer, 24, admitted under questioning by Internal Affairs to having a had a romantic relationship, according to the sheriff. Additional allegations have been swirling that the two had trysted in a control tower overlooking one of the "pods" at the jail and in a parked car while they were working as security for the North Georgia State Fair last fall. But Internal Affairs investigators were unable to corroborate those rumors, the sheriff said.

21 counts including rape, sexual assault against someone in custody and violating his oath of office. And in February Sgt. Kristopher David Travitz of Douglasville was arrested and charged with sexually assaulting a female inmate.

to continue to demonstrate that we do have our teachers and students as number one."

Scamihorn raised eyeballs and hopes during unexpected remarks during Wednesday's school board work session.

When confronted, Bauer claimed she had initiated oral sex with Clarke in an office at the jail, a claim Clarke denied, the sheriff said. Both volunteered to take a polygraph test, which though inadmissible as evidence in court, remains a good investigative tool, the sheriff said.

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