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Nike Air Max Zero Qs Grey

Now, not even a year later, history is replaying itself. At least we cannot accuse our school board members of being fast learners. 11 work session to discuss with the board the next step in the superintendent search. Superintendent Fred Sanderson announced at Mens Nike Air Max 97 Hyperfuse

AT had speculated on Saturday that, based on talk circulating like wildfire in courthouse circles last week, that Olens might land in the presidency of the Chamber should his current quest for the Republican nomination for state attorney general prove fruitless. But not so, Olens says.

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wording, "Include the panel people." Yet the report included no explanation of what the Nike Air Max Zero Qs Grey "panel people" were, or who they were, or even of the upcoming tribunals at which they would sit. In other words, the board's vote, as LCE's direction, was about as clear as Rottenwood Creek after a June gullywasher.

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Nike Air Max Zero Qs Grey

How likely is it that Deputy Superintendent Dr. Steven Constantino will step up to the top job?

So the board had to actually follow the law and call a special meeting and properly announce the issue. But the Cobb school board violated at least four easy to understand points of that law in just a matter of minutes at its June 9 meeting, it was revealed last week by the MDJ. School board watchers will remember:

of Sunshine Laws

When asked if the board plans to hire a new superintendent before January, when several new board members are expected to take office, Crowder Eagle said the board "has yet to have that conversation."

The board discussed the pros and cons of outsourcing during the executive session another violation of the Sunshine Laws. That's because it constituted a policy matter, not a personnel matter.

Angry Eastvalley parents sued the board, and one of them, Dr. Ricky Welkis, is now running for the seat Crooks is giving up. Cobb Judge Mike Stoddard ordered the board to reconsider the matter after giving appropriate public notice. A check with the MDJ archives showed it was the first time ever that any public body had been slapped with an injunction for failure to post an agenda item. Yet Crooks and three other members, still obviously pouting and sulking, still voted in October to reapprove the tower.

That's what Cobb school board member Holli Cash told Cobb County Manager David Hankerson on Monday as she arrived for a brief special school board meeting to decide how to handle traffic work at Teasley Elementary.

"I don't know that Dr. Constantino has an interest. If he does, certainly if the board agrees, I think we would discuss it with him," Crowder Eagle said.

"Had a reporter called me, I would have expressed no interest in the Chamber's job," Olens e mailed AT on Saturday morning.


The board then admitted that during the executive session it reached "general consensus" a slick board term for voting in secret to approve outsourcing so the board would not have to hear the more than 20 appeals from dismissed teachers.

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Still not done thumbing their noses at Georgia's Sunshine Laws, the board claimed it voted in public for outsourcing the appeals. Yes, the board voted unanimously, but for what? At the directive of Chairwoman Lynnda Crowder Eagle, the personnel report it voted to approve included the Nike Wmns Air Max 1 Ultra Essentials Black

So how did the MDJ find out about all this? A remorseful board member spilled the beans on Crowder Eagle and her lackies.

Even though this board successfully has been taken to court for voting on items without giving proper public notice, Cash still insisted it was an emergency. But in addition to state law, the board's own policy dictates that unanimous consent is required to add an item to the agenda, and Cash's push only got four votes, from members who, like her, seem to think the Sunshine Laws and giving the public advance notice are "stupid."

There was no public notice on its much ballyhooed website that the board would discuss and vote on outsourcing teacher dismissal panels, rather than hearing each appeal themselves.

Around Town Slow Learners School board still unclear on importance Nike Womens Air Max 97 Gold

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Nike Air Max Zero Qs Grey

At that meeting, rather than ask for a special meeting to consider the item, Cash pushed her fellow board members to add it to the agenda at the last minute, claiming it was an emergency and the board needed to approve the project so work could begin and be finished before school starts Aug. 5. laws, whether she thinks they are stupid or not. While she might think it is stupid, most fair minded people and dedicated public officials don't have any problem with that law, which says all agenda items except for emergency matters must be posted in advance.

Thursday night's meeting that he will retire June 30, 2011, when his contract is up.

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Three school board seats are up for election this year, and two of those incumbents Dr. John Abraham and Dr. John Crooks are not seeking re election. The race to replace Abraham, in north central Cobb, will be decided in the July 20 primary, as two Republicans, Kathleen Angelucci and Bill Borden, are the only candidates.

Remember, the same board voted unanimously without advance notice to approve a controversial cell tower at an east Cobb middle school July 23 of last year at the behest of member Dr. John Crooks. That vote resulted in what should have been a great embarrassment for the board and sparked a costly recall effort against Crooks, who blamed the board's actions and his recall on bad advice from longtime board attorney Glenn Brock.

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NO THANKS, says former Cobb Commission Chairman Sam Olens to talk of him heading the Cobb Chamber of Commerce should his run for state attorney general not pan out.

School officials had been dealing behind the scenes with the Teasley safety issue for more than a month. And in order to skirt the law requiring advance notice of the Teasley improvements, Cash and the Glover street gang at Cobb school headquarters even tried to entice Southeastern District Cobb Commissioner Bob Ott to appear and testify that it was an emergency issue. Ott reportedly said thanks, but no thanks.

School officials and county transportation staff have been working together for months on the project, which will improve the entrance to the school, on Spring Hill Road in Smyrna. County commissioners approved their part of the project last Tuesday, but it was not on the agenda for the school board's meeting Thursday night.

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