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In years gone by, top producing real estate agents walked the neighborhood. They rang doorbells and introduced themselves. They became acquainted with everyone and everyone became acquainted with them. When someone wanted to sell their property, who do you suppose they called? When someone wanted to buy, once again they called the neighborhood expert and friend.

Just a suggestion for an old real estate investor who is also extremely tired of all that junk mail. No matter what, I would never do business with someone who sent me junk mail and promised me the moon.

methods. They may not to sell today . but you may get a call in the future just by taking the time to work the business.

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Are mailers offensive

It's not that people Air Max 1 Safari 2016

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Junk mail is called junk for a reason.

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I don think too many people would find that offensive .

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What if a house looks terrible and it is just the way the person likes to live? Then they start getting all these letters saying "I drove by your house at ____ and noticed it appears to be vacant/distressed.". I realize that contacting many distressed properties will get some good and some bad results. I just like to put myself in the home owner's shoes.)

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There is no requirement that says you have to insult homeowners .

As for the "Ugly House" USP, not everyone selling occupies the ugly house and may even agree with the headline. As for owner/occ sellers, the marketer must decide what the theme and the appeal is going to be. Personally, I don't think using the ugly house approach gives me any particularly unique aspect as a buyer that I can add perceived value, unless solving a problem incidental to an ugly house.

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Interesting question . I always thought of the "we buy ugly houses " slogan as being offensive . I not sure who would be ok with someone calling the house they live in ugly.

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necessarily like the way or don't like the way they live, they just don't always notice the change and then it may become too late. Much like, heaven forbid, placing a live frog on a skillet and turning up the heat slowly. Drop them in a hot skillet and they immediately know to jump out.

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Perhaps stating that you buy homes in any condition ?

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I'm much more effective when i fish with an attractant that solves a problem that others don't know how, or want, to solve. And you don't catch anything if your line is out if the water!Get the Free eBook from BiggerPockets

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Re: the thought tha people like the crappy condition of the homes and livening that way, I give you this real life example: the other day I was looking for a presentation on hoarding that I had SAVED. Finally found it under another pile of papers in my office. That got me motivated to throw more crap out (and the irony not wasted).

I could also see it as a qualifier . If you are marketing to buy " ugly houses " then most likely the owner will be motivated to sell and not view their house as a palace that deserves full market .

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